This portion of the website features lesson plans, units, PowerPoint slides, and other classroom materials created by teachers who participated in the initial Teaching American History grant project administered by CESA 6 and UW Oshkosh, entitled TASAH (Teachers Academy for the Study of American History), from 2004-2007.  The lesson plans, units and other work products are posted on separate pages divided by the historical subjects and eras listed below:


1.  Revolutionary War/Colonial Era

2.  Bill of Rights and Amendments

3.  Jacksonian Era & Age of Democracy

4.  Slavery & Black Freedom

5.  Civil War Era

6.  Reconstruction & Aftermath

7.  Rise of Market Economy

8.  Native Americans

9.  Immigration History

10.  Progressive Era

11.  Labor Movement

12.  World War I & II Restrictions

13.  Civil Rights Movement

14.  Post World War II Politics & History


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