CESA 6 RITE Program - Building The Future One Teacher At A Time

Residency In Teacher Education (RITE) is a Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (WI DPI) approved alternative pathway to teacher licensure in the State of Wisconsin.  In order to meet the educational needs of Wisconsin school students, RITE's mission is to grow highly-qualified and effective teachers to work in teacher-shortage areas in Wisconsin's school districts. 

2013 WI DPI Annual Educator Preparation Programs Report

2013 CESA 6: Residency In Teacher Education Program Report

Successful completion of RITE offers experienced adults, who hold an appropriate Bachelor's degree, the opportunity to become highly-qualified teachers in the State of Wisconsin. RITE teacher candidates receive formal instruction in the planning and delivery of effective instructional practices, assessment of student progress, classroom management and educational technology. Teacher candidates receive continuous support by way of classroom experience with mentoring by school district personnel and CESA 6 RITE program coaches. 

Interested individuals must complete the application process that determines acceptance into the program. Successful participation in RITE allows teacher candidates to work as teachers in the area of their expertise while simultaneously earning Wisconsin teaching certification.

2015 - 2016 Residency In Teacher Education Flyer

In partnership with the CESA 6 Language and Culture Center, RITE also offers an alternative pathway to obtain English as a Second Language (ESL) certification.  With increasing numbers of students identified as English Language Learners (ELL), many Wisconsin school districts are facing the challenge of providing targeted instruction to second-language learners. CESA 6 RITE-ESL is designed for working educators who want to earn ESL certification.

2015 - 2016 RITE-ESL Flyer

July 31, 2015 is the application deadline for the next RITE cohort, which is scheduled to begin in August 2015.

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January 2015 RITE Graduates

January 2015

Residency In Teacher Education


CESA 6 Residency In Teacher Education (RITE) hosted six completing teacher candidates for graduation on Saturday evening, January 17, 2015, at the CESA 6 Conference Center in Oshkosh.   A celebration was the culminating event for these RITE teacher candidates who completed their programming in order to be recommended and apply for their Wisconsin Initial Educator licenses.  

January 2015 RITE Graduates

These January 2015 RITE Graduates were recommended for Wisconsin Initial Educator licensure in the areas of:

  • Art

  • Cross Categorical Special Education

  • Early Childhood Special Education


Congratulations teachers!




Spring 2014 RITE Celebration Dinner

Spring 2014
Residency In Teacher Education

The CESA 6 RITE program hosted their “Spring Celebration” on Friday night, May 16, 2014, at the CESA 6 Conference Center, on State Road 44 in Oshkosh.   This celebration was the culminating event for RITE candidates who have completed, or who will very soon complete their programming in order to be recommended and apply for their WI Initial Educator license and / or their WI Professional Educator license.

The Spring 2014 candidates have been, or will be recommended for licensure in the areas of:

Spring 2014 RITE Celebration Dinner
  • Art
  • Computer Science
  • Cross Categorical Special Education
  • Early Childhood Special Education
  • English As a Second Language (ESL)
  • French
  • Secondary Broadfield Science
  • Secondary Biology
  • Secondary Mathematics
  • Technology Education

For more information about the CESA 6 RITE Program, please contact:

Nancy Jaeger, RITE Coordinator

Nancy Jaeger, CESA 6 Coordinator
Residency In Teacher Education (RITE)

Tere Masiarchin, RITE ESL Coordinator

Tere Masiarchin, CESA 6 Coordinator
Language and Culture Center
RITE ESL Instructor


Amy Ruppert
Program Assistant