The Child Development Days Model is a cooperative effort between agencies that provide services to young children and their families. The Model incorporates the concepts of developmental review, interagency cooperation, a parent and child friendly process of screening, and providing families with educational information regard¬ing normal child growth and development as well as information regarding resources and services available to them within their community.

Public and private schools, Head Start, county Birth to Three programs, child care, social services, public health, public library and other county service providers collaborate to plan, implement and evaluate a community Child Development Days.

Sections included in the CDD project include:


    History/Acknowledgment of Project
  Overview of Project
  Establishment of Need
  Rationale of Project
  Rationale for Collaborative Efforts
  Guidelines for New Partners




    Validity and Reliability of Parent Reports
  Selecting a Screening Instrument
  Description of Instruments



    Child Development Day Implementation Model
  Process Sections A-S



For more information about this service contact:
Gail Cismoski
Early Childhood Grant Coordinator
Statewide Child Find Coordinator (3-5)