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Student Learning

Are some student populations lagging others on achievement tests? How do you address these needs and ensure all students graduate ready to compete in the 21st Century economy?

CESA 6’s is your partner in enhancing student learning and improving student achievement. Our wide-ranging Student Learning Solutions that include:

Our expert educators provide strategies, learning environments and support to help you meet the needs of all learners. Learn more about our Student Learning Solutions.

From Our Customers…

"On behalf of the School District of North Fond du Lac I would like to thank each of you for your professionalism, care and help!  Your support and great abilities are a critical piece to our District's success.  Over the past week I have came to realize more and more how the right people are an organizations number one commodity - and all of you are definitely the right people! Thank you for all that you do for our District and me - we are fortunate to have you as our support professionals at CESA 6."

- Aaron, Superintendent, School District of North Fond du Lac

“Kathy and Linda are AWESOME! Very willing to work, explain, support, change, develop, listen, discuss, and so much more! They make a great team and complement each other very well.”

–Jennifer McDermot, Curriculum, Little Chute, on the CESA 6 Literacy Center

“These two ladies have been 'godsends' as they helped us this past spring to work through some potential legal issues proactively with our schools and their staff. We look forward to our continued partnership with them this coming year to develop a comprehensive ELL service delivery model and strategic plan as well as provide necessary professional development and training for staff. We were able to exit about twenty students from our ESL programs that had met criteria but for whom records were not aligned until the data was cleaned up.”

– Patricia Vickman, Executive Director of Administration, Oshkosh Area School District on the CESA 6 ESL Services

“It made a huge difference in providing intensive training and support to my staff as we embark on the implementation of a full Balanced Literacy model for all of our K-5 students. Teachers reported that they felt more comfortable with the changes ahead and the supports that were offered to them on an on-going basis.”

– Melanie Cowling, Principal, Friendship Learning Center, North Fond du Lac on the CESA 6 Literacy Center


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